SEND Ghana – Working to promote good governance and equality of men and women in Ghana.



Project Goal:

Promote smallholder farmers’ inclusion in the 2018-2019 plans of the Ghana Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) campaign.

Project Objectives:

  1. Increase capacity to implement the project
  2. Increase knowledge of smallholder farmers on the PFJ campaign
  3. Track allocation, disbursement and expenditure for the components of the PFJ campaign. Develop evidence-based policy positions (research)
  4. Increase participation of smallholder farmers in the PFJ campaign

Areas/location of project: Pru East, Pru West, Atebubu Amanteng, Sene West in the Middle Belt (Brong Ahafo) and East Gonja, Kpandai, Nanumba North, and Krachi Nchumuru in the Eastern Corridor (Northern Region).

Project Duration: March 2018 to March 2019

Funding organization: TRUSTAFRICA

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are thrilled to announce that SEND Ghana is marking a significant milestone - 25 years of dedicated service towards positive change and sustainable development in our communities.

Join us in celebrating a quarter-century of empowering lives, advocating for social justice, and driving impactful initiatives that have transformed countless futures. From our humble beginnings to becoming a driving force for change, this journey wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of individuals like you who believe in our mission.

Here's to 25 years of making a difference, and to the countless lives we've impacted together.

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