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Project Title: Influencing cocoa sector policies and practices through active participation of civil society organizations (CSOs), farmer organizations and media for sustainable productivity, and to implement a living income for cocoa farmers and families.

Goal: The project aims at ensuring that cocoa farmer organizations, CSOs and the media influence sustainable policies, programmes and practices in the cocoa sector. In addition, the project seeks to contribute to the development of strategies and activities by various stakeholders in the cocoa value chain to implement and sustain a living income for cocoa farmers’ families.


  1. To strengthen the capacity of cocoa farmer organizations, CSOs and the media to monitor and advocate for improved policies and practices in the cocoa sector
  2. To promote the functionality of the stakeholder (Sustainable Development Goals) platform for advocacy in the cocoa sector by including gender issues on the advocacy agenda
  3. To facilitate constructive dialogue/advocacy between farmer groups, CSOs, government and COCOBOD




Location of project:  All six cocoa growing regions (Western, Eastern, Ashanti, Central, Brong Ahafo and Volta regions) and national-level engagement in Greater Accra.

Duration: September 2017 to September 2020

Funding Partners: INKOTA-netzwerk and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance