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COVID-19: Editorials

Editorials on COVID-19


This is a sequel to the editorial highlighting the strengths of Ghana’s approach to the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19. I assured our readers of this editorial pointing out the ...
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What is Ghana doing right in the fight against COVID-19? (Edition 5)

The first confirmed cases and death to COVID-19 were recorded in Accra 12th March, 2020, and 21st March, 2020 respectively in Ghana[1]. Two months later, by 27th May, 2020, the ...
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COVID-19 Alleviation Incentives: Ghana’s Poor Are Being Shortchanged (Edition 4)

The All Ghana Approach to the fight against COVID-19 of Mr. President elaborated in the 7 speeches to the nation emphasized the need to protect the poor and vulnerable against ...
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COVID-19: All Health Workers are Frontline Staff (Edition 3)

The announcement by Mr. President in the 5th COVID-19 address to the nation on 5th April, 2020, a package of incentives for so called frontline health workers provoked controversy between ...
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The burden of COVID-19 should not weigh heavily on the poor (Edition 2)

Nearly three weeks into COVID- 19, one key lesson has been learned: Government of Ghana (GOG) should put in place adequate measures to ensure that the burden of COVID-19 does ...
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SEND West Africa Online COVID-19 Situation Update ( Edition 1)

We at SEND West Africa believe humanity's most potent weapons against COVID19 are communication, information, and learning. Humanity’s ability to design, collect and disseminate information showcasing policies, programs, best practices, ...
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