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Making the Budget Work for Ghana

Making the Budget Work for Ghana is a project being funded by the World Bank under the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) programme.

The overall objective is to improve access and quality of services in priority programs in the health and education sectors in thirty (30) poor districts in Ghana by strengthening accountability and transparency in the budget process.

The Project will benefit all Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Ghanaians especially children of school going age, women and children under-five, and persons with disability, in 30 selected districts in the Northern, Upper East, Upper West and Greater Accra regions, who have not benefited from improved living conditions and poverty reduction as other parts of the country have in recent years.

The Project also seeks to bring together some journalists and community radio stations in order to disseminate relevant information and thus reach out to Ghanaian citizens and other critical groups to enhance citizens’ “political awareness.”

Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) are an important component of this project.

Their capacity to comply with the fiscal decentralization requirements, through increased engagement with civil society actors as stated in the Decentralization Action Plan will be developed.

This is a US$850,000 World Bank Project.

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