By: Mukaila Adamu Since the NHIS was established in 2003 to attain universal health coverage, membership has been increasing posthaste. Meanwhile, annual financial resource allocation is not keeping pace.
In 2015, the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) Consortium conducted a survey on the knowledge, perceptions and experiences of corruption in 50 Accountable Democratic Institutions and Systems Strengthening (ADISS) project districts across the 10 regions of Ghana.
The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) launched a national campaign on October 24, 2018 to educate citizens on the need to pay taxes for national development.
The GROW campaign supported the Agriculture and Rural Development Journalist Association (GARDJA) between February and March last year to track campaign promises made by the ruling government in relation to agriculture development and smallholder farmers.
By: Mukaila Adamu, People for Health Civil Society Organization Advisor, SEND Ghana
An assembly member in the Tema Metropolis covered the cost of renewing more than 60 National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards for his community members in March 2018.
By: Barikisu Barikisu Mohammed, Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre Project Officer, SEND Ghana
In April 2018 we launched a monitoring report on kindergarten access and quality in Ghana. Following the launch, SEND Ghana and its district citizens monitoring committees have been leading dialogues across 30 districts to draw attention to the report findings and recommendations, such as the need for improved infrastructure. Two…
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