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Project Activity: Small Holder Agricultural Development (SHAD)

Coordinators of activity: Daniel Adotey and Aisha Mohammed. 

Total participants: 50 (Males: 38, Females: 12)

On Thursday, 18th December 2014, SEND–GHANA in collaboration with Peasant Farmers Association, Ghana (PFAG) held a workshop to review and analyse the 2015 budgetary allocation to the Agricultural Sector. The workshop was funded by OXFAM under the GROW Campaign and OSIWA.

The workshop was chaired by Madam Janet Mohammed, Board Chairperson of SEND – Ghana and was largely participated by the Media, Farmers (including women farmers), PFAG, OXFAM, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) and SEND–GHANA. 

It provided a platform to discuss the prospects of the allocations to Small Holder Agriculture and how farmers could take advantage of such allocations. 

In providing further elaboration and understanding of the focus, there were presentations from Mr. Daniel Adotey of SEND-GHANA, Mr. Charles Nyaaba of Peasant Farmers Association, Ghana (PFAG) and Mr. Ibrahim Akalbila of GTLC on the 2015 budget and its allocation to the agricultural sector. The presentations focused on the governmental allocations to the agricultural sector, the growth of the sector, the contributions of the Agricultural sector to the GDP of Ghana and the challenges faced by the sector. 

Recommendations including increase in government subsidies on agricultural products (fertilizers) and incorporation of views of Small holder Farmers in the National budget were made. The media houses were also entreated to use their platforms to disseminate all information and issues identified to secure rapid response from government and other stakeholders.

A total amount of GHS 14,936.9 was spent on the workshop. 

Expenditure breakdown (GHS)

• Conference package: 7,093.75

• T&T & honorarium for participants: 6,180

• Accommodation & breakfast: 413.1

• Air ticket & staff perdiem: 1,200

• Communication: 50

Project Activity:  District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF)

Activity: National Stakeholders Conference

Coordinators of Activity: Rachel Gyabaah and Clara Osei Boateng

Total participants: 58 (Male: 37, Female: 21)

SEND-GHANA on Tuesday, 30th December 2014 held a national stakeholders conference in Accra at Holiday Inn Hotel to launch another research report on the DACF. The report titled “Bringing Development to the Doorsteps of Citizens, the contribution of the DACF” was launched by Mr. Siapha Kamara the CEO of SEND-WEST AFRICA and Hon. Robert Sarfo–Mensah, Deputy Ranking Member, Parliamentary Select Committee on Employment, Welfare and State Enterprise. 

The report was published as a result of a study conducted to assess the usage of the DACF from 2010 to 2013 for local development. The report on the whole acknowledged the DACF as a major source of development in the various communities in MMDAs across the country. Nonetheless the report identified challenges associated with the utilization of the DACF and made recommendations to address the challenges. 

In attendance were the Media, Parliamentary Select Committee on Employment, Welfare and State Enterprise and FNGO. 

Expenditure breakdown (GHS)

• Conference package (including withholding tax): 7,676

• T&T for participants: 3,940

• Banner: 250

• Honorarium: 2,300

• Fuel: 270

• Communication & Stationery: 256

• T&T & staff feeding: 1,849

• Fuel ( for staff from the eastern corridor): 890

• Feeding & accommodation: 1,303

• Air ticket: 835

Project Activity:  District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF)

Activity: Validation workshop on the DACF research report

Coordinators of Activity: Harriet N. Agyemang and Fatima Abdulai

Total participants: 21 (Male: 14, Female: 7)

On Tuesday, 16th December 2014, a validation workshop was held at the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) to authenticate data collected from six districts from the Greater Accra Region for the DACF research report. At the workshop, representatives of the six MMDAs (GA East, GA South, Osu Klottey, Ada East, GA West and Shai Osudoku) provided further clarifications on the data collected and provided additional information were necessary for the research report. 

The workshop was participated by Planning and Finance Officers of the MMDAs, FNGOs, District Citizens Monitoring Committees (DCMCs) and Assembly persons.

A total amount of GHS 2727.5 was spent on the workshop.

Expenditure breakdown (GHS)

• Conference package: 1,003

• Stationery: 22.5

• Fuel & toll: 82

• T&T for participants: 1,590

• Communication: 30

Put together by Fatima Abdulai, Field Officer, SEND-GHANA

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