HAVE A SAY is a Social Accountability Platform which has a twoway system that receives citizen’s feedback and concerns on education and health service delivery in Making the Budget Work for Ghana project districts and communities.

A Social Accountability Platform ( receives phone calls, written text, and audio messages. Watch our video to see how it works.

1.      The dashboard is a catalytic instrument providing the platform for citizens and duty bearers to interact.

2.      The platform serves several purposes which include:

(A) Through the use of the platform, citizens’ views will be collated and inputted into the budget process pertaining to health and education.

(B) It is also a channel for citizens to furnish duty bearers with feedback concerning the implementation of development activities and service delivery in the health and education sectors in order for greater responsiveness and accountability

There are Regional Coordinating Council & District Assembly staffs that are trained to give timely feedback. The platform will improve participation of citizens in governance process and help in monitoring government projects.

We invite you to (FLASH 0307-082-140), SMS (SEND TEXT “HELLO” to 056-111-3182) and log on to: ( to make an input.

Click on this link and go to the website.

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