Monitoring Public Resources

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A Study of Synergies Credit Union With Micro Finance Orientation in Northern Ghana Eastern Corridor

After four years of implementation, this report assessed SEND GHANA and CUA’s ingenuity to fuse Microfinance and Credit Union models to offer small-scale microfinance services to low income women.

Making decentralisation work for the poor February 2011

This report assesses utilization governance of the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) funds in 50 districts. Key indicators being highlighted include, level of accountability, transparency and participation in the use of the fund. 

Making the Two Percent of the DACF Work for Persons with Disability Report 2014

This report assesses the extent to which the implementation guidelines of the District Assembly Common Fund are followed. Specially, the report focuses on the management of the share of DACF allocated to Person with Disability. 

Bringing Development to  the Doorsteps of Citizens The Contribution of DACF Report 2014

As a follow-up on our work on the management of the DACF, This report assesses specific interventions areas on which the District Assembly Common Fund is utilized for local development.

SEND GHANA DACF Evaluation Report

As an evaluation report this document highlights key successes achieved, strategies employed and lessons learnt during the implementation of a protect titled “Making Decentralization Work for the Poor” project. The project focused on the monitoring of the DACF. 

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