Journalists dig up agricultural development stories

Source: Ghana Agriculture and Rural Development Journalist Association Source: Ghana Agriculture and Rural Development Journalist Association

The GROW campaign supported the Agriculture and Rural Development Journalist Association (GARDJA) between February and March last year to track campaign promises made by the ruling government in relation to agriculture development and smallholder farmers.

Support was provided to GARDJA journalists in the form of financial resources for field work transportation, which took place between February 1 and March 31, 2017.

One of the journalists, Richmond Frimpong, published an article on the Ghana News Agency website in May 2017 that tracks Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) campaign promises.

The article, titled “Ghana step up efforts to avert food insecurity,” tracks the progress of PFJ, draws attention to its potential benefits, and explains how citizens can take advantage of the program to increase productivity.

In total, five articles were produced by GARDJA and published on their website.

“Hardly do media personnel go to farmers in the rural communities for stories,” said Frimpong. “The support from SEND Ghana under the GROW campaign was a motivation for (us) to go to communities we would not have gone to without financial support.”

GROW is a national campaign funded by OXFAM that works toward a food-secured Ghana. GROW aims to influence government, the private sector and donors to invest in women and other small-scale producers, and secure their land rights. The project also seeks to involve stakeholders in increasing food production and reducing poverty sustainably. Key members of the campaign include SEND Ghana, the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition, Civil Society Coalition on Land and Women in Law and Development in Africa. Others engaged in the campaign include the Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Friends of the Nation, FoodSpan, General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana, Farm Radio, ActionAid Ghana and Farmers Organization Network in Ghana.

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